A graduate

Tomorrow my baby- my first baby- graduates from Kindergarten. It is a bittersweet time, for sure. I am not that mom who wishes for those baby years to come again. Just the other day Luke asked me if I wished that he was still a baby. I told him actually- no. While I couldn’t have had any more love for him in my heart than I did that first time I held him, I like him more the more I get to know him. But at these milestone events I do think about those sweet chubby cheeks and soft blonde curls.
His preschool and Kindergarten years have been amazing. He has developed a love for learning and reading that I pray will continue. I’m so thankful for the people God placed in his life to help nurture him and teach him during these years.

First day of 2 year old preschool!

First day of 2 year old preschool!

3 year old preschool

3 year old preschool

4 year old preschool

4 year old preschool

First day of Kindergarten

First day of Kindergarten

I am excited about our new journey of schooling at home and he is too. I think we will be a good team and we will learn from each other. So it is a bittersweet time but mostly sweet. Because we have been so blessed and because we have a wonderful journey to look forward to together!


Emilia turns 3!

Looking back…

My easiest labor and delivery by far!


1st birthday pony ride


2nd birthday eating with princesses

And this year on your birthday, I came into the kitchen to find you had dressed yourself and fixed your hair…what a difference a year makes!


Emmie, girl, you have always been my sweet little mess!





I love to look in those big brown eyes and wonder what in the world you are thinking! (Although lately there hasn’t been much mystery as you love to tell me every thought!)



Always ready to try something new…


You are such a big girl! You like to do things independently but you still love to be affectionate and love when mommy and daddy take care of you. Lately, you have been telling everyone that you now want to be called “Emilia” (even though you just learned to spell “Emmie!”) You love to sing and make up songs to sing to Jesus. You love to pray. You take such good care of your little brother and want to be just like your big brother! Its fun to watch you want to turn into a big girl and try to emulate me as I am getting dressed, cleaning house, and taking care of Jude. You help me learn and grow as a mommy every day. You are a beautiful challenge and such a delight all at the same time. You capture us with your personality every day and mommy and daddy love you so much! Happy 3rd birthday, Emilia!

5 years old

1. How old are you? 5
2. What makes you happy? God’s love
3. Whats your favorite animal? lions!
4. Whats your favorite thing to eat? meatballs
5. Whats your favorite thing to do? watch movies
6. Whats your least favorite thing to do?get burned by fire
7. Whats your favorite TV show? Baby Einstein with Jude
8. Whats your favorite movie?The Lion King
9. What are you really good at? doing my blends
10. Whats your favorite color? yellow and red
11. Whats your favorite song? “Wicked” songs- “Loathing”
12. Who’s your best friend? Abby
13. What do you and mom do together?make brownies
14. What do you and dad do together? drive to school
15. Whats your favorite sport? Soccer because I used to go to it. But my team never won.
16. Whats your favorite place to go? Luke Poplin’s house
17. Whats your favorite book? The Lion King books
18. What do you want to be when you grow up? pastor

*disclaimer: he has never been burned by fire!! (??)

My sweet Luke, it is so hard to believe you are 5 years old. I remember like it was yesterday holding you all hours of the night when you were a newborn. In those first months I felt so anxious…I didn’t want to do something that would hurt you or ruin you for life. I now know that I gave myself way too much credit…you were in His hands then as you are now. You cried, I cried and we figured out life together.  As a 1 year old you almost always had a smile on your face. Daddy and I took you on many little trips that first year and a half of your life. Just the 3 of us- life was pretty simple and wonderful. Near the middle of that first year we both finally started getting some sleep and your sweet personality emerged. I waited for the terrible two’s to come…and waited…and waited. But at 2 you were still so sweet and happy. I realized you were going to be a very social child. You loved giving hugs and didn’t meet a stranger. You enjoyed Disney World and we went as often as we could in our new home of Orlando. As a 3 year-old you loved on your little sister and the two of you began forming a sweet relationship. You loved preschool and our friends from church. As a 4 year-old you awaited the arrival of another sibling. You were hoping for a sister and even had her name chosen. You were in a bit of denial at the ultrasound when we told you that you were going to have a baby brother! But from the moment you met him, you have had so much love for him and that love is reciprocated. You have had so much change in your 4th year of life and it has been difficult- a new state, a new home, a new church, new friends, a new sibling…but you have handled it with much more grace than I expected from a 4 year-old. You have tried new things that were not your favorite- like soccer. And you have tried other new things that you have loved and excelled- like reading and spelling 4 and 5 letter words! I am so proud of you for reminding your sister that dresses and bows do not make her prety but that her heart does. I am proud that your heart breaks for other people and you want to help them. Most of all I am proud that you love Jesus and want others to know him and love him too! You tell me all the time that you are so glad God made me your mommy…I am so glad he did too. Your 4th year has been amazing as I have watched you grow and learn. So many wonderful memories that we will always have!

famjude            lw2 4

lw lw3 lw4

Jude Henry Weisman

One thing I did when Luke was a baby was use this blog to document our day-to-day at least somewhat regularly. I then copied the posts and photos into a photobook that I had printed. I am so glad I did that. I am going to make an effort to do that again. Granted, with one baby in the house it wasn’t as challenging as it will be this time around. Now that Jude is 2 months old, I finally have some time and energy to start a little writing.
Jude’s 2 month stats:
12 lbs. 5 oz
22.5 inches
Head circumference in 90th percentile 😉

Sleeping habits:
Sleeps through the night most nights (!!)
Short naps during the day

Loves “gooing” and “gaahing”
Gets super excited at the sounds of his brother and sister’s voices.

And now to back up a bit with the birth story…

The end of this pregnancy was completely different than the other two. With L and E I never had a contraction until I was in active labor (after 40 weeks). This time I had my first real contraction around 34 weeks and they continued pretty consistently from that point forward. Between 39 and 40 weeks I had a couple days where I thought, “this has to be it” and I would go wear myself out walking (fun places like Target and Ikea, of course) but the contractions would fizzle.

Finally, on the morning of October 27 they were very consistent but not super strong. On the way to Luke’s soccer game they got stronger so once we were there I started walking. I walked by myself, with Kevin, with my dad, with Molly…just kept walking. I had packed my basic hospital bag in the car “just in case.”  So, after the game I sent the kids with mom and dad. I knew it was the day but just couldn’t get the contractions consistent enough. We were trying to time them and it was getting really challenging…I couldn’t tell when they were starting and stopping. At some points I felt like they weren’t stopping. We had lunch and went to Target and I decided we should head to the hospital. Once we got there I walked even more. My doctor looked at the monitor strip from where she was and told me “it’s not a classically reactive strip, so we need to get you on Pitocin.” After a lot of back and forth and me voicing my displeasure with this we decided I would continue to be monitored until she arrived and we would go from there. The problem was that she was seeing what I was feeling. I was having 6-7 minute contractions that were sometimes 1-2 minutes apart, sometimes 6 minutes apart. These super long contractions with virtually no break between them were causing his heart rate to dip lower than it should. By the time she got there, things had started to sort out more evenly so she said I could get in the tub to labor as long as I wanted. I did for a while but felt like I wasn’t handling the contractions as well as I wanted. I stalled at 6-7 cm for a couple hrs and at that point was ready for the epidural. Things are kind of a blur from that point on- I remember feeling really shaky and light-headed and them giving me meds because my blood pressure kept dropping. After a couple hours I pushed the call button and let them know it was time.

This is where it gets a little crazy. When she broke my water during labor there was meconium. I freaked out and she said not to worry. When I told her about Luke ingesting the meconium she said that was very rare but a NICU team would be in the room just in case. The pushing phase begins and goes about an hour when the doctor said she was going to leave and let me keep pushing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but at this point she thought there was no way I was going to be able to push him out. While she was gone, I moved from the position they had me in because I knew I WAS pushing this baby out. Thankfully, at this point, the epi had worn off and I had full sensation or else I would’ve given up. Let’s just say it was a rough half hour until the doctor returned. Dr. L came back in, looked and said, “okay, I’m going to tell you to push then I’ll tell you to stop.” Well, I thought she meant she would tell me to stop for a couple seconds. The next thing I know she says, “STOP! YOU HAVE TO STOP. And yelled at the nurse “PRIORITY 1!” Apparently Priority 1 meant that she could not get the baby our by herself and I had to wait for yet another NICU team to get there. I told her I couldn’t stop he had to come out now. Kevin kept saying  very sternly “look at my eyes. Look at me. You can’t. You have to stop.” I just remember praying (loudly) “Jesus please help me. Lord please. I have to get him out now!!” It took about 2 min (says Kevin, I swear at least 5) for about 5 more people to run in the room 2 nurses jumped on top of me pushing my belly so hard. I just remember I was looking at Kevin the whole time watching his face. Jude came out pretty fast after that but they didn’t let Kevin cut the cord and didn’t lay him on top of me at all. Kevin’s face got pretty fearful at this point and he followed the nurses and Jude over to where they were suctioning him. Thankfully he almost immediately started crying. One nurse also told me right away that he was okay. (with Luke, they wouldn’t tell me that and he didn’t cry for a very long time). They worked on him for a long time but he was screaming so I felt okay about it. The long and short of the situation is that Jude was somewhat transverse and very stuck. He presented with his head sideways and was without oxygen for about 70 seconds.

I am glad I wrote some of this right after Jude’s birth because honestly a lot of that is a blur now. I remember the pain and the fear but mostly I remember being so thankful to be holding a beautiful, big, healthy baby. So thankful for another amazing blessing.

9 lbs. 6 oz.

Em and Jude

Christmas morning

I wrote this post on Kevin’s birthday weekend but couldn’t get it posted from my Ipad. So, it’s a little late but we had such a good time, I just had to write about it! Now, I just need to the get photos off Kevin’s phone.

The county fair. Probably the best $10 we have spent in a long time. I grew up going to the county fair and always loved it, so it just happened that when the fair was going on the weekend of Kevin’s 30th birthday we decided to celebrate in midway style!  I wasn’t sure what the kids would think but when Luke found out there would be a lion and tiger show involved, he was sold!
Everything is exactly as I remembered except the rides cost $4-$5 each…craziness. Good thing we were just there for the sights and sounds. Well with the exception that Luke really, really wanted to ride the ferris wheel. I can’t think of many things I wouldn’t do for my children except…that. I rode the ferris wheel for the first tine ever on our honeymoon at California Adventure at Disneyland. In all his newlywed glory Kevin convinced *us* that it would be fun. Well, let’s just say I don’t think either of us will be riding one ever again.
But at the fair, Luke kept saying, “I really want to ride, it goes so slowly just for me!” it was adorable. I even asked Kevin if we could spend the $10 for the two of them (notice the “them” to ride.) needless to say, Luke will have to wait a while to ride the ferris wheel. The highlight for him was definitely the lion and tiger show and waiting in a 45 minute line for a clown to make his balloon animal: a lion with a snake tail. She kindly obliged his request. Luke stood in line the whole time and didn’t complain once.
Emmie enjoyed taking in everything, particularly the petting zoo, where she got to pet a zebra. She chose not to see the lion and tiger show (in almost-2-year-old-fashion) and we walked the midway. After thoroughly enjoying the fair, we continued the b-day celebration with some pizza and wings at our favorite pizza joint. Talk about some kiddos sleeping soundly tonight!
Celebrating Kevin’s birthday has been relaxed and fun. I will cook dinner for 40+ teenagers tomorrow evening and keep the party going!

Family pics!

We finally had some family pics made before Christmas. A photographer from our church, Stan Kelley, donated a photo package to the silent auction back in the summer and we got a great deal. He was so patient (a great quality with 2 little ones + 2 dogs for subjects) and did a terrific job! Here are some of the highlights.

Emmie and Daddy

All 6 of us

Daddy and Luke

Fixed hair is highly overrated 😉 !

mommy+handsome hubby

Quick update

I know I am exceptionally behind with photos and updates but here is the fast 411 on us right now. Emmie had ear tubes successfully placed and her adenoids removed today. I am having surgery for my kidney stone Thursday. My mom and grandma are here to help until Wednesday, thank the Lord! We had a lovely Christmas minus the pain of the kidney stone. Luke is glad to be back in school but I miss him being home so much! Kevin is staying very busy, especially planning the summer youth trips. He will be taking a quick vision trip Haiti next month in preparation frontage summer trip. Many, many exciting things in the coming months. I will do better updating!